Line Chart using PySchart on PyS60

While developing an application for one of my projects, I had a need to plot several graphs showing the trends of the inputted data. In the course of finding a solution for this, I came across a great PyS60 API called PySchart by Marcel Pinheiro Caraciolo which provides a standard to construct graphs on PyS60 […]

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Web Development Project Estimator

Jan 21, 2009 Comments Off on Web Development Project Estimator Projects, Technology & Tools

Many times, designers and developers are contacted by clients directly or indirectly to develop applications, websites, web applications, etc. and yet these clients have no idea of what they exactly want or even what they should expect after the project. Surprisingly, most of them always ask for the costs which will be involved to complete […]

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Mtanda Afrika 2008 Registration Starts

Feb 7, 2008 Comments Off on Mtanda Afrika 2008 Registration Starts Mtandao Afrika

Opportunities unveil once and once not tapped into, you can easily loose out. When I was still a student in high school, I did tap into this opportunity and believe me or not, it has really changed my life and lifestyle. The skills, experiences I acquired from it dramatically changed my life and it has […]

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Matrich Re-design 2008

Dec 29, 2007 Comments Off on Matrich Re-design 2008 Matrich, Projects

Over the past few days during the Christmas holiday, I have been working on a re-design of my portfolio and weblog, Matrich. Well, you might be thinking that it was a Christmas holiday, how come you were still working? Well, it was surely a christmas holiday but I also could not help it to stay […]

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A few weeks ago, the incredible Mtandao Afrika challenge/contest for 2008 has been opened for African students and coaches to participate. I am really glad that the organisers and sponsors have again provided a chance to several African students and teachers to be apart of this great contest where I personally benefited and gained a […]

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May 25, 2007 Comments Off on live Internet, Matrich, Projects

Just exactly a month ago, I launched a technical blog MatrichTech as one of the ways of providing ict solutions at your fingertips. More about . It is just quite interesting that I have received great comments and also some people requesting me to feature certain stuff and so I have decided to change the […]

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Apr 22, 2007 Comments Off on MatrichTech Matrich, Projects, Web

MatrichTech is a technical blog of Matrich which is one of the ways I have identified to acheive my goal of providing ict solutions at your fingertips. I’ve started this blog to post solutions to it problems faced by many people including myself and hopefully many of you will be able to learn from it […]

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It has been long since I last coded a desktop application. I had decided to move to web based application as I feel the web so much and it is ever changing. However at work, one of the companies facing a problem of knowing which clients have its cylinders and how many they do have. […]

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