Campala and Facebook Developers Garage

Aug 5, 2008 Comments Off on Campala and Facebook Developers Garage Internet, Programming, Technology & Tools, Web, Workshops & Events

Recently as I transversed the internet, I came across two great events which will be taking place here in Kampala, Uganda. This is really good news for the developers hanging up in Uganda where you can meet and share experiences. I haven’t seen mob of such events coming up in Uganda and thank God finally […]

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Facebook Redesign

Jul 15, 2008 Comments Off on Facebook Redesign Internet, Web

I am not so much of a fanatic of web social platform but I am kinda gaining a lot of interest in Facebook. Ofcourse, my interest isn’t in anything else rather than porting or developing facebook applications. Today, I was quite amazing how fast I could get to playing around with building a facebook application […]

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Yesterday, I wrote about a web application which was built within four days and I was and am kinda perturbed by some of the stuff discussed like the costings, the roles of some people on the team and why the team had to be that big for a simple application like this (especially that I […]

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