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The World Starts With Me Online Support Center

The World Starts With Me (WSWM) is a Comprehensive Adolescence Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Program implemented in Uganda by SchoolNet Uganda in 180 secondary schools across the country as of 2011 with technical and financial support from RutgersWPF As of 31 December 2010 World Population Foundation and Rutgers Nisso Groep have merged into RutgersWPF.

In 2003, World Population Foundation in cooperation with Butterfly Works and SchoolNet Uganda developed an innovative ICT-based adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights curriculum ; the World Starts With Me (WSWM). In 2004, the World Starts With Me was awarded the Golden Nica Award for the Digital Communities by Prix Ars Electronica for its innovativeness and relevance to Uganda (

Date of Completion:

March, 2011

Client Needs:

SchoolNet Uganda in its implementation of WSWM had school visits where teachers would attend to students’ SRHR questions. SchoolNet Uganda wanted to scale down the school visits because they were not cost effective and sustainable. A lot of financial resources were spent on travel and accommodation with very little contact time with the students resulting in disappointment of students because of failure to effectively answer their SRHR questions. SchoolNet Uganda gradually replaced the physical school visits with the WSWM Online Support Center ( which students can use to
submit their SRHR questions and online counseling.

The World Starts With Me Online Support Center has the following:

  1. A section where students submit Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) questions, which are then, submitted to SchoolNet Uganda online counselors who then send answers to the students’ emails for very personal questions. Answers to questions of a general nature are uploaded on the website for the benefit of other students in Uganda and other countries. Other people can also provide additional answers to any particular student’s question using the Got any Response or Comment, Please share it… option provided at the bottom of each question.
  2. A section where students and teachers share their poems, articles, speeches on SRHR-related issues.
  3. A section where students and teachers share their personal testimonies of how the WSWM has impacted on their lives.
  4. A video gallery of young people’s videos including art pieces, testimonies, poems, skits, etc.
  5. A photo gallery showcasing students art pieces illustrating certain SRHR issues, photos of WSWM students, exhibitions and other activities.
  6. A Reports section with WSWM-related reports including teachers, head teachers and parents’ sensitization workshop, student’s camp reports, in-school teachers’ sensitization workshops, kick-off and mid-term review reports.
  7. An automatic newsletter which is sent out periodically containing the new content uploaded during that period. Interested people automatically subscribe themselves to the newsletter on the website
  8. A section for making WSWM-related inquiries and feedback

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