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Mengo Senior School Alumni

Mengo Senior School is a comprehensive, mixed day school in the heart of Kampala with a student population of 2640, 106 teachers and more than 40 support staff. Founded in 1895 by the Church Missionary Society, the school is one of the oldest and best secondary schools in Uganda.

Date of Completion:

21st July, 2007

Technologies Used:

XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL

Client Needs:

The school needed a web based database where its former students would be able to register and automatically added to the database after being reviewed by a moderator. I was able to make a simple, clean and accessible interface with a moderated database. A moderator is able to log in to the database and review, edit, delete and approve records.

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  • Thank you for the good work you’re doing Matrick. You are among the “smart” Ugandans I have met on the web.

    I have a question: How did you get started with your web development and who hosts your site at what cost?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, “Rich”

  • Martin,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I have replied directly to your email so please find the response to your question over that side.

  • I’m impressed with what you have managed to accomplish in your work. Keep it up.

    Can you train me in website designing? How much would you charge me for the complete session or course unit?


  • Nella, thanks so much for your comment. Please check your email..

  • Thanks for the good work your doing. Our prayer is that God blesses you with the new plans your having for this year 2009 a year of blessing to all people.

    May your students shine all over the Whole World.

    • @Philip

      Thanks for the wishes and wish you the same

  • like wat i see on the web

  • I am so proud of being part of this rech history….akwaana akira ayomba indeed.

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