Mtandao Afrika Awards Ceremony 2006

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Once again, I participated in the Mtandao Afrika competition where I coached a team to come up with a fantastic interactive educational website called “Deforestation: African Resources in Decline”. My team managed to make it to the Mtandao Afrika Awards Ceremony which is attended by the best teams from overall Africa. This is the second time my team makes it to the finals.

My team was very blessed to win two awards, the Platinum Award in Science and Maths category, and the Star Award (the overall award) during the ceremony. All the Glory goes back to God.

Among other things, this time we had a chance to have a practical course of overcoming fear, working in teams and first strategist planning before taking on a task. First, it was too scary to undertake but I am glad I was able to undertake it and finish it. Just like the other MAF Youth Camp, we went to the greatest pyramids, great museums and this time around, we had several ministries from Egypt.

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