Yesterday, I was privileged to give a presentation about Python for Series 60 in the Mobile Applications Programming Workshop. The workshop was attended by several third year Computer Science and Information Technology students of Faculty of Computing and Information Technology.

In my session, I talked about:

  • Operating Systems and Programming Languages used on Smart Phones
  • So why then Python?
  • Simple comparison between PyS60 and JavaME
  • Which PyS60 works for you?
  • How to test your PyS60 Scripts
  • A General quick look at Python
  • Some PyS60 Modules and their usage

Download the presentation and code samples at the following links:

Otherwise, it was very exciting to see such enthusiastic interesting students ready to take mobile applications to another level. Thanks a lot for the incredible compliments and feedback. Feel free to drop me an email.


  • Nice presentation…! Nice examples to teach new students.


  • Great presentation richard. Real challenge for me, especially your mobile app for managing expenses. I did something like that once in python but it was a desktop app. Thanx for the inspiration.

    • Hi Ocero,
      Thanks for your comment and visiting my website. I am glad that you enjoyed the introduction and you were inspired with the app.

      It is great that you’re already working with Python and so this should flow in nicely. Otherwise, hope to see you working with PyS60.

  • @Nathani/Croozeus,
    It is really an honor to have you on my website. Your website was very instrumental in my learning PyS60 and I actually refer to it a lot.

    I gave your website to the students and I am very certain it is very useful to them.