Allan at eLearning Africa ConferenceeLearning Africa is the Africa Continent’s premier annual conference on ICT-enhanced learning. This year the conference was held in Tanzania between the 25 – 27 May, 2011. As a family, we were very priveleged to have two of our family members i.e. dad, Mr. Kakinda Daniel Lugudde and my youngest brother, Allan Kakinda take active and lead roles in the conference.

Allan was featured in two articles at the conference website i.e. Mobilising Africa’s youth with the help of ICTs and How social networks train social skills.

While at the conference, they made several presentations including:

  • Integrating 21st Century Pedagogy in Sexuality Education – A case study of the World Starts With Me (WSWM) project by Kakinda Daniel, Training Director, SchoolNet/iEARN Uganda
  • Introduction to International Collaboration – A case study of iEARN (International Education and Resource Network by Allan Kakinda, SchoolNet/iEARN-Uganda

They also chaired a number of sessions which included:

  • Wazup? Youth Voices on Life, Love and eLearning chaired by Allan Kakinda
  • Strategies to Enhance Student Motivation and Career Awareness chaired by Daniel Lugudde Kakinda

Just a few days, an eLearning Africa Conference 2011 video was released and it featured both Allan and dad (Daniel). Please enjoy the video below:

[youtube -bxJ9-9KGLE The eLearning Africa 2011 film]

As a family, we are very proud and happy to have had such a great opportunity. Kudos to dad and Allan.


  • Hi Matrich,

    Thanks for sharing and featuring this story on your website. We were happy to represent the family and keep the family banner flying.


  • Thank you very much for for this article. This is just to thank Mr. Kakinda Daniel for the good role he has played as a parent to bring up not only hard working and disciplined but also career focussed children who are making a bigger impact on global scale. I had an opportunity to attend both Daniel and Allan’s presentations at the conference, they were organised and thorough.

    As parents we should emulate Daniel in inspiring and bringing up children who can bring glory to our families. Hoping to hear from Allan about the 2012 conference.