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For quite some time, WordPress 2.5 has been in the oven for quite sometime and up to today it is still. Personally, I haven’t tried it out as yet. The release days for it have been postponed now and again but I must say it is worth it.

WordPress 2.5For those of you who haven’t tried it out as myself, a screencast has been created by the founding developer of WordPress, Matt which shows the new power of WordPress and I am quite impressed about the new version and I can’t wait to get the final version.

My greatest amusing features about this upgrade include:

  • New Administration User Interface which is full of Ajax making it more interactive to manage your blog with ease and several authors on the blog can have different color schemes for their Administration Panel
  • Multi-file upload feature which is Ajax enabled
  • The Built-in Photo Gallery which enables you to group photos, automatic creation of thumbnails and allow comments for the photos, all without need of any plugin. Personally, I am very impressed with this as I’ve longed to have such a feature as plugins have frustrated me.
  • One-click plugin upgrade which allows you to upgrade your plugins without the need of using uploading of plugin files.

For more information and new features about WordPress 2.5, you can also check out the Sneak Peak.

UPDATE: 10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 2.5 offers a detailed write-up about the new features coming up in the new version.

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