At last the long awaited WordPress 2.5 has been finally released. For six months, it has been in the bakery and believe me the WordPress developers and designers have done a great work for all this time both to get the new release and also to update

From the WordPress Blog,

WordPress 2.5 Released

2.5 is a major milestone for WordPress not because it added dozens of user-requested features, but because it reaffirms that we’re as passionate about blogging as the day we started. Our community is too fierce to rest on its laurels ” contrary to what pundits claim, blogging is far from finished” and every improvement just whets our appetite for more. And more is coming.

I totally agree with this and it is a great work which has been done both WordPress and also the new redesign of In summary, the new features are categorised into:

  • User Features: Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard; Dashboard Widgets; Multi-file upload with progress bar; Bonus: EXIF extraction; Search posts and pages; Tag management; Password strength meter; Concurrent editing protection; Few-click plugin upgrades; Friendlier visual post editor; Built-in galleries.
  • Developer Features: Salted passwords; Secure cookies; Easy taxonomy and URL creation; Inline documentation; Database optimization; $wpdb->prepare(); Media buttons; Shortcode API

For more details, check the WordPress 2.5 Release and the download link at WordPress 2.5.

WordPress 2.5.1 is now available and you are advised to upgrade. From the release post,

It includes a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and one very important security fix. We recommend everyone update immediately, particularly if your blog has open registration. The vulnerability is not public but it will be shortly.


  • I’d been running 2.5 from trunk for several weeks now, and I just moved over to the final release.

    Lurking on the various WP lists, I know a lot of work went into this new version of WordPress. But 2.5, IMHO, should not have been released at all. The software was simply not ready. Some features even had to be locked down in the rush to release the software. Look out for 2.5.1 in the next week or two.

    The new dashboard is also another thing. Its really two steps backwards, if you ask me. Right now you need to be a database guru before you can do something as basic as finding the ID of a Post or Page (you need to dig into the database).

    For the first time I’m actually thinking of switching. But to what? I’m too lazy for MT’s complicated setup routines, and Habari isn’t cooked yet. Everything else out there is child play, IMHO.

    So I’m going to stay away from the Dashboard as much as possible, now that I’ve gotten ScribeFire to work with Firefox-3-beta-5.

    Oh, WordPress aside, what’s new in Uganda?

  • To some extent, I agree with what you are saying. For sure, I too think that it needed more time but at the same time, it was slated to be released much earlier than this and WP community was anxiously waiting so they had to release it.

    Also from experience, you can never know any software product in out unless you’ve released it to the consumers. So lets just get our comments to the geeks at WP lists so that the few things left out can be incorporated in the next release.

    Also because it is a change to the WP Admin Panel, you and I are kinda used to the old version which has been around for a while but we should give it time to get used to it. On that note, I can recommend installing the Fluency Admin Plugin.

    However, generally, I still think that this version is one of the greatest and it is moving WP to another greater level. I am quite impressed with the new features available and I can’t even dare think of switching just like you mentioned.

    Of course, it isn’t yet perfect just as Matt said in the release post that

    As always with WordPress, we don’t claim any of these features to be perfect, or to be better than everyone else in the world, but they are done by and for the people and the one thing we do promise is that with every release we listen and do our best to improve.

    All in all, WP 2.5 is really great and with the next release, everything will be extremely fantastic after more concerns have been looked at and then incorporated.

  • For the Dashboard, I think it is a great move because it can now be customised to anything so not necessary restricting it to WP News and a few things especially when you are using WordPress for clients who don’t anything about it.

    I am certainly sure that the new dashboard has opened more avenue for developers to get their own widgets there and within months, you will see many of dashboard widgets out.