For Twitter users, more so those with multiple accounts possibly for the different projects you are running, there is a new web application, Multiple account twitter tweeting (Matt), which has been developed by Carsonified team. Matt makes it easy to post to multiple Twitter accounts without having to log into each one every time.

Multiple account twitter tweetingOf course, there are some many really great desktop and web applications which have been developed around this great micro blogging platform, however, what is particularly interesting about this application is how it was designed and developed in a record time of four (4) days right from scratch.

From Matt’s official website:

The Carsonified team built Matt to see if it was possible to launch a simple web app in four days – everything from design, to development to marketing. We also wanted to play around with Django, Git, the Twitter API and some other nifty tools.

We blogged and filmed the whole week in hopes that the experience would be useful for all of you.

You can read about their experiences at Tech Crunch at How To Build A Web App in Four Days For $10,000 (Say Hello To Matt).

There are so many lessons you can pick from there. However, I am still perturbed at the costings of this web application and whether it really required all the people on the team.

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