Facebook Redesign

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I am not so much of a fanatic of web social platform but I am kinda gaining a lot of interest in Facebook. Ofcourse, my interest isn’t in anything else rather than porting or developing facebook applications. Today, I was quite amazing how fast I could get to playing around with building a facebook application after watching the experience of Facebook | Lab Builder was built in a week. I am particularly gaining mob interest and I should be able to build a facebook application sooner than later.

However, Facebook is also bringing new changes on board including the News Feed, which appears on your homepage, and Mini-Feed, which appears in each person’s profile. More of this can be obtained at their blog.

Facebook Redesign

I was particularly interested in the Facebook Redesign which I guess isn’t yet finally released to the public. Of course, this is because part of my interests lies in website design and development which I have been passionately doing for awhile to revamp Uganda’s website industry.

Looking at their redesign, I was really fascinated as it looks more clean, usable and less crowded than never before. There is a new main tabbed menu at the top and small tabs which you can customize to whatever you wish. All the applications are now in a drop down menu making it more easier to find them and also taking more control taken over to the user. The user can now determine what he wants to see in the different components.

Try it out this redesign at http://www.new.facebook.com/

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