Yesterday, I wrote about a web application which was built within four days and I was and am kinda perturbed by some of the stuff discussed like the costings, the roles of some people on the team and why the team had to be that big for a simple application like this (especially that I presume that these are experienced developers, designers etc.). However, I greatly think that the gesture of the whole matter is about team collaboration as it is not really simple to get work done easily in a team rather than as an individual.

Facebook Lab BuilderHowever, as I continued traversing some reachable corners of the internet, I found a great facebook application, Facebook | Lab builder which was built by a team of a developer, designer from concept to reality. Amazingly, the application has a lot of features including showing the progress of the project in terms of how far the building has reached and a time line of how much has been collected against the overall project budget.

Well, you can actually jump over to A Startup A Week which came up with this idea and view how the whole process went along. From their website,

The concept of the show is to bring together a few of Seattle’s top developers and designers, pitch them an idea for a startup, and give them just one week to take the idea from concept to reality.

Interesting, you will also find more interesting ventures which are being tried at the A Startup A Week website.

By the way, don’t forget the real cause of the Facebook | Lab Builder application. Make your contribution if you can.


  • Thanks for the write-up! Glad you were able to find the app – Room to Read is a great cause and it was an honor to be able to partner with them on this application. While we haven’t yet raised enough money to fund an entire computer lab, to date we have raised over $1500, which is enough to sponsor a 1-year scholarship for a female student in a developing nation.

  • @Kevin,

    Thanks so much for passing by and most of all taking up this great cause. It is really good to see people trying to help out students in developing nations and may God richly bless you.