Recently, I have been working with SharePoint and I started encountering a problem of both Internet Explorer 6 and 7 crashing whenever I would try to open an Office document in a SharePoint document library.

IE SharePoint CrashingFirst, I thought that it was a problem with my IE 6 as I didn’t want to upgrade it for purposes of cross-browser testing. However, even after upgrading to IE 7, I was still getting the same problem which made me conclude that it must be a browser/SharePoint problem. Fortunately, it took me less than two minutes to fix. So what was the problem and how did I fix it?

Cause of the Problem

The problem of Internet Explorer crashing/stop responding is caused by having several different versions of Microsoft Office applications. In my case, I have one application of version 2003 and the rest as 2007.

Solution to the Problem

To solve the problem,

download the 2007 Office hotfix package (KB938888) package from the Microsoft Help and Support website.

For more details about this problem, visit


  • Hey Richard
    nice site here
    thats a buggy issue too
    better work n IE8
    i think also version compatibility btn 2003 en 2007
    btn office and sharepoint

  • @Fred,
    Thanks so much for passing by and your comment. Yeah, it is something to do with version compatibility. I’ve not tried IE8 as yet, maybe i will give it a try though the hotfix solved the problem

  • I experienced the same problem in IE8 as well, but this hot fix fixed it.

    Thanks much.

    • @Theepan, good to know that the fix helped also in IE8.

  • Hi Matrich

    Thanks! i was facing the same issue and the hot fixed solved it. Thanks for posting this.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi Prasanna,

      Good to know that it help. Enjoy.