FIFA World Cup 2010 Experience

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Sanibona…!!! After a long time without posting, I am back with my greatest adventure tour experience ever. I think you can surely guess what it’s about. Definitely, it’s about the FIFA World Cup 2010, the first World Cup on African soil.

Matrich at Soccer City StadiumWith just a few hours to the finals of this biggest sports event, I was among those who were so privileged, and indeed blessed, to be part of this event. I am now part of those who witnessed live the first world cup hosted on African soil in Sausi (South Africa). For my entire life, it was also my first time to watch a football match live in a stadium. Luckily enough, this wasn’t just a stadium but it was in one of the most artistic and awe-inspiring football venues on the African continent i.e. Soccer City Stadium which hosted the opening ceremony and will host the finals. Woow!! What a blessing!!!

Being sponsored by MTN itself, I and the team had an incredible, fantastic time and this World Cup will remain part of our memory lanes. It was surely a lifetime experience which is priceless and will remain to be remembered in our lives.

Having been to SA before, I couldn’t imagine what I would expect during the world cup. However, it was so cool to feel the World Cup environment live. I must commend the organizers and South Africa for the great work done over there.

We had a number of tours around the city and the hospitality in Sausi (SA) and around the stadium was so great and fabulous. In the stadium, I was seated a few rows away from the pitch and we enjoyed the match. The support in the stadium was very phenomena and it is worthy an experience for any football fan out there. Together as Africa United fans, we blew the vuvuzelas and cheered the players to the maximum we could though there was so much pressure. Seeing penalty shoot-outs was also great though we lost out.

Matrich blowing a vuvuzela at Soccer City Stadium

I must say that this World Cup surely leaves a big legacy behind and we (Africans) are so much proud of hosting it. It was also full of surprises as winners of each game weren’t very obvious. Great thanks to the organizers of our trip especially MTN Uganda and MTN Group for the incredible work well done. It was so fantastic (ayoba) that words above are kind of understatement of the whole experience. Most importantly, I give thanks to God, The Almighty, for his continuous blessing as I was among the few who watched this historical World Cup live.

Ayoba, Ayoba…!!!

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