Matrich mu Luganda FirefoxA few days ago, I wrote about Mozilla Firefox in Luganda and pretty much sure that most people have tried to install it but all in vain. Personally, I also tried it but I was missing an add-on to get it working. So for those who desperately wanted their Mozilla Firefox in Luganda or are interested in having it, you can have a smile on your face.

Today, on the i-network mailing list, Michael sent out instructions of how to complete the installation and they are as follows:

  1. Crosscheck that your Firefox browser is 3.0.1. In case not, click here to upgrade ( ).
  2. Open this page ( Within the subsection of NEWSFLASH, under the heading of “Kickstarting Firefox in Luganda” click on DOWNLOAD.
  3. A window entitled “Software Installation” will be activated. An xpi file will appear within the window. Just click on INSTALL NOW.
  4. You have now installed the Luganda add-on, but you will not be able to see the changes unless you install the language switcher. The language switcher will enable you to change between languages. Open this page and download the Locale Switcher 2.1 (
  5. Re-start Firefox for all these changes to be seen.
  6. Go to Tools > Languages > Ganda to start using your new Luganda version of Mozilla.
  7. In case you want to switch back to English, go to Tools > Languages > English

However, note that this language pack is still in beta-version.

So what do you think about this beta version? Do you think localization of software, in general, will be of great help to the local people or not?


  • why your downloads of Firefox luganda is not easy to get

  • @Zimula,

    Thanks for your comment and also the call.

    It is actually not my software or download. It is some kind guys who built this great web browser Firefox and also other kind guys who helped translate it into Luganda.

    This implies that it is not actually an application on its own but it’s just a language pack which you add to your already installed Firefox.

    I am pasting the direct URL below from which you can get the language pack

    After it is downloaded, please continue to Step 3 and so on.

  • Hey you said “”It is actually not my software or download. It is some kind guys who built this great web browser Firefox and also other kind guys who helped translate it into Luganda.””

    who are those guys?? I am learning Luganda and if they already know it I would love to talk to them or get pointers on how THEY learned it and how long it took them to do it.

    Yours –G.Gomez

  • @G.Gomez

    The luganda language pack was done by volunteers mostly students from Makerere University.

    Luganda is spoken here in Uganda and I personally too speak it. Ofcoss, I have been speaking it since my childhood since I am a Muganda by birth.

    However, a few pointers would be the Buganda Kingdom website at and specifically for speaking and writing Luganda.

    If you are in Uganda, you can email me or call me and I can take you to places where you can buy books or … which could help you out.

  • Greetings from Manitoba, Canada !

    Thank you – will try this method. Use a Mac with Firefox 3.5.3.
    Need to translate in order to write to a friend.

    Good work !

  • Alas, the language pack appears not to be compatible with Firefox for Mac 3.5.3. I’m running Leopard (if it’s relevant). Is there an updated plugin for newer versions of Firefox?
    Thank you!

    Tulina kizibu, mukwano. Language pack eno teri compatible ne Firefox 3.5.3 ku Mac OSX Leopard. Balina plugin empya? Osobola kutuyambako?

  • Bassebo mwebale nnyo Kyemukola gyekiri wadde embeera mbi naye Mukama ali naffe