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Free ASP.NET MVC ChapterASP.NET MVC is a new approach for Microsoft developers to use to create dynamic data-driven web sites and follows in the same mold as other platforms such as Rails and Django. Model View Controller (MVC) is relatively a new phenomenon in ASP.NET and it is taking shape though it is kinda difficult for programmers used to the usual WebForms get into the MVC style. I am kinda luck that before I got into ASP.NET programming, I was already using the MVC in some of my web applications using mainly CodeIgniter, a great PHP framework.

Luckily, ScottGu, the Corporate Vice President f Microsoft’s .NET Developer Division has been kind enough and released, free of charge, the first chapter of a new book Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0 which is still under production.

NerdDinnerThe chapter walks you through how to build a small but complete application “NerdDinner” using ASP.NET MVC and introduces some of the core concepts behind it. NerdDinner is an Open Source ASP.NET MVC Project that helps nerds and computer people plan, find or organize get-togethers online.

The free chapter download is available at and the site live at The whole application code is available at CodeProject.

Great thanks to ScottGu and I must say that the application really looks cool which isn’t a common thing with most of the free applications built out there. I have looked at many of them including developer’s blog and I wonder whether these don’t require nice looking interfaces to their applications and interfaces.

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