In all the web developments I do apart from sites based on SharePoint, I always develop using Firefox as a yardstick and after then, I try write a few IE tweaks especially for IE 6 to ensure that it displays the work well. Of course, you may ask yourself why I do this yet IE comes as the default browser of all Microsoft operating systems which definitely I am using. The reasons for this can be found in my post, Multiple IE-Single PC solution – IE Tester, I wrote sometime back and gave a solution of IE Tester.

Most web developers or designers when debugging use either virtual, multiple machines running different versions of IE. Recently, I found out that Microsoft had released a stand-alone tool, Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview, to help in the debugging process by incorporating IE6, IE7 and IE8 into this tool.

Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview for Windows Internet Explorer

Expression Web SuperPreview for Windows Internet Explorer is a stand-alone visual debugging tool that makes it faster and easier to migrate your sites from IE6 to IE7 or IE8. With SuperPreview, you can ensure that your Web sites work correctly in IE8 while also maintaining compatibility with earlier versions of IE.

SuperPreview shows your web pages rendered in IE6 and either IE7 or IE8, depending on which version you have installed on your machine. You can view the pages side by side or as an onion-skin overlay and use rulers, guides and zoom/pan tools to precisely identify differences in layout. You can even compare your page comp to how the targeted browsers render the page.

The tool also contains several other interesting things including pointer modes, image viewing, dom highlighting, positioning guides/rulers, layout views, zoom, thumbnail display. The free downloadable tool will only support Internet Explorer and in case you would like other browsers incorporated, you would need to part off with some fee.

For the web developers and designers, this is a great tool for you to test out and use.


  • Hm im starting to get sick of reading EVERYWHERE about IE6 or IE7 , whats going on ? Even youtube and facebook suggest to change from IE6 to IE7..
    why is that so important to you people ?

    • @Relation,
      u might be right abt getting sick abt IE6 and IE7 but the fact is that IE6 is the most popular browser in the whole world. If you are into the web design industry, you can’t just ignore it because you could have designed a site which works well in IE7 or Firefox and then you go to the client and it doesn’t render properly. To the client or your site visitor, it doesn’t matter if IE6 follows web standards or not, all that matters is that the site renders properly.

  • If you want a similar tool that already supports not only IE, but Firefox and Safari as well, you may want to take a look a this new cross browser testing application.

  • @Vasya,

    Nice hearing about this application. I’ll give it a try though it seems the download page is limited to registered users.