Cylinder Management SystemIt has been long since I last coded a desktop application. I had decided to move to web based application as I feel the web so much and it is ever changing. However at work, one of the companies facing a problem of knowing which clients have its cylinders and how many they do have. So I have decided to take on this project in order to create a Cylinder Management System to help the company be more efficient.

The application is supposed to help the employees to produce all the production and transaction outputs in addition to the reports to help management plan, track and also make decisions dependly. Below is just a screen shot of one of the forms:

Cylinder Management System


  • i want this sooftware

    • @Rahul, Let me contact you via your email. Otherwise, thanks for passing by my website and having interest in this software.

  • Is this cylinder program ready for the open market?

    • @Ed,
      Thanks for your comment and passing by. Unfortunately, the cylinder program was designed while I was working at that company. However, I have contacted you via email and we can discuss how we can customize it for your need.