Web Development Project Estimator

Jan 21, 2009 Comments Off on Web Development Project Estimator Projects, Technology & Tools

Many times, designers and developers are contacted by clients directly or indirectly to develop applications, websites, web applications, etc. and yet these clients have no idea of what they exactly want or even what they should expect after the project. Surprisingly, most of them always ask for the costs which will be involved to complete […]

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Matrich Memories 2008

Dec 31, 2008 Comments Off on Matrich Memories 2008 Matrich, Testimony

It is again the end of year 2008 and I am really grateful to God for His Mercy & Grace over my life. Every year seems to be incredibly more of a testimony having God do lots of great things in my life. I can’t say I am the rightest guy or I have everything […]

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How To: Solve “Cannot add Library” Problem (ArrayIndexOutOfBounds) in Netbeans on Vista

Oct 21, 2008 Comments Off on How To: Solve “Cannot add Library” Problem (ArrayIndexOutOfBounds) in Netbeans on Vista Programming, Tutorials & How-tos

Netbeans IDE is one of the famous IDEs used by Java and other programmers and it is especially very good when you are creating graphical user interfaces (GUI) applications. Lately, I have been working on a java project and I have been facing a problem with using Netbeans on my Microsoft Windows Vista to add […]

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A few days ago, I wrote about Mozilla Firefox in Luganda and pretty much sure that most people have tried to install it but all in vain. Personally, I also tried it but I was missing an add-on to get it working. So for those who desperately wanted their Mozilla Firefox in Luganda or are […]

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We have just concluded an ICT Sensitization and Training Workshop for Headteachers of primary and secondary schools at Gayaza High School which was organized by SchoolNet Uganda. I was very privileged to attend this workshop and facilitate one of the sessions of how schools can take advantage of the web and the internet. Overall, the […]

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For those who are more comfortable with working with local languages especially Luganda, a great initiative of translating Mozilla Firefox into Luganda, one of Uganda’s largest spoken language was started by Translate.org.za, Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, Makerere University and Rhodes University. In just two days, a group of around 300 students with a […]

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Now Am A New Creation – Finally Baptised

Aug 11, 2008 Comments Off on Now Am A New Creation – Finally Baptised God & Me, Testimony

Finally after days, weeks, months, years etc of contemplating, post-ponding being water baptised, I was baptized this Sunday, 10th August, 2008 and this makes yet a great declaration to you, my friends and the rest of the world that I got born again. I am now a new creation and the old is all gone […]

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Campala and Facebook Developers Garage

Aug 5, 2008 Comments Off on Campala and Facebook Developers Garage Internet, Programming, Technology & Tools, Web, Workshops & Events

Recently as I transversed the internet, I came across two great events which will be taking place here in Kampala, Uganda. This is really good news for the developers hanging up in Uganda where you can meet and share experiences. I haven’t seen mob of such events coming up in Uganda and thank God finally […]

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