During the camp, there were several training programs which we organised. The first training introduced the participants to the “WEB 2.0” phenomena which includes blogs, wiki’s etc. I guess most of you are aware of this.

MAf Youth Camp 2007 TrainingsThe rest of the training was on Sunday 4th March, 2007. There were 4 parallel training sections which were given. However, before then, the day began off with a key note speech about “IT and Leadership”. I should say that I was very impressed with the speech as it really motivated me and one of the most important thing I remember from the speech was that “in this age, it is not all about knowing something BUT it is all about using the knowledge you have”. This is what is most important and it will be the one which will give you a competitive edge over others.

We then proceeded over to the Ministry of Education of Egypt. Some students were introduced to ASP .NET while others were introduced to SQL Server 2000 while most of the coaches and partners attended a section about “ICTs for Education”

From then, we proceeded to the Mtandao Afrika Awards Ceremony 2007 which was hosted in Marriott hotel where the 2003 youth camp was held. I must say that the ceremony was really great. Check out the post about MAf Awards Ceremony 2007 for more details about the ceremony.


  • Hi, my friend, we participated to MAf youth camp 2007 in Cairo.
    Nice to see some challengers i have met during MAF contest.
    I just want to encourage you, keep it up.

  • Hi Peps,
    Nice to hear from you. Hope you will join this year’s MAf contest too. Myself, I surely live testimony of what MAf has impacted on me and thanks for passing by