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After a great survival in a car accident as I had posted earlier, I am really so much grateful to God for giving me another chance to live on this planet again. For sure, I really know that I have a purpose of God to fulfill on this planet otherwise I would not be alive today.


I had a terrible car accident where I was the one in charge of the car (i mean, i was the driver). It is my first terrible accident I have been involved in and during this time, I had my final exam the next few days. It was really a terrible time for me both to concentrate to read for the exam and also to settle out everything related to the accident. Fortunately, the God above all covered me and the people in the car with His Blood and you should now have guessed that we (people inside the car) came out of the car without any injury. Wow! WHAT A GOD OF MIRACLES.

Masters Course (Msc. DCSE):

I think I didn’t a post about this but probably, I will. I am currently undertaking a Masters of Science in Software Engineering at Faculty Of Computing and Information Technology at Makerere University. It has quite taken a lot of my time though I am really glad that I just finished off my first semster. It is really a nice course and I am really enjoying it. For now, I finished my exams for first semster and I am kinda having a relief from books though for just a short while.

Science with ICT Holiday Camp for Girls:

SchoolNet Uganda has organized a residential 5-days Science with ICT Holiday Camp for Girls which is being held at Gayaza High School running from 16th to 20th December, 2007. This is the second of its kind and I am one of the facilitators in the workshops and also helping in the technical backstopping. I will be posting a few more details about the workshop as it goes on.

Client Projects:

For those who are really interested in what has been transpiring during the last few months, I have been working on a lot of different projects and I will be closing these projects possibly before the year end and I will be posting details of the works done in Portfolio section. So be sure to check it out in the near future and for those who haven’t checked it out, why not check it out right now to see what I have offered to many people in different disciplines.

Work for Hire:

I got a lot of requests for different projects which I was unable to take on. I am really sorry I was unable to take some projects due to the busy schedules and deadlines and also my masters’ course is very demanding. However, if you currently have a project which we could work on together or you would like me to do some work; I am currently available to take on new projects for the beginning of the year. Please use the contact page to get in touch with me. I will be very glad to hear from you and working together with you.

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