Happy New Year 2008

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New Year Celebration 2008It is finally here. As usual, many people around the world prepare and are always excited to celebrate the start of a new year. This is not an exception to me and as usual, I celebrated mine from my church Kampala Pentecostal Church (KPC) with over 6 hours of constant praise and worship. It was so awesome to be in the presence of the Lord with over thousands of other people who are passionate about the love of Jesus and celebrating what God had enabled us to achieve in the previous year.

For those who missed, I am really sorry but it was really great and awesome. I have also got Good News for you that KPC will be casting the best show I’ve ever since in the world entitled “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames”. I have watched this show for over 3 times but I can assure you that I still want to watch it. I would like to encourage all of you out there to watch it in case you are around Kampala around the end of January.

Otherwise, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and I would like to wish you all success in this year. On my side, I have got big plans for 2008 and I know the God above everything will enable me accomplish everything as planned.

SUCCESS in all your endeavors.

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