Merry Christmas 2009

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Again it is that exciting time of the year when we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord. To some, it is just normal KB and a holiday while to many of us, it is not just a child who is born BUT it is The Son of The Living God who is born.

Merry Christmas 2009While I moving in town and shopping malls, I couldn’t believe the incredible number of people moving up and down oba upside down, doing lots of shopping, etc. to prepare for this day. Of course, this is a testimony that it’s not just a normal holiday BUT it is really the coming of special child, Jesus.

This festive season, our very own, Watoto Church, put together the Christmas message in the most simplistic way for many to understand. I must say that it was a great performance and I am certainly sure that it yielded so much fruit to the Kingdom of God and blessed a lot of us. For those who missed, you can hook yourself up with a DVD. A trailer and more details available at “The Journey“. Thanks a lot to my church leader for the great year well done and we continue to pray for more blessings and healing of the city.

As always, just like in 2007 and 2006, I pray that this Christmas brings a new aspect to your life and may Christ’s Birth make more meaning to you as He becomes or continues to be your personal Savior.


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