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You know being a Christian isn’t easy in this world as you all well know. It is really hard for a Christians as most things which happen other people who aren’t Christians dont think that it matters.

Well, I found a very good resource of some of the every day questions people and sometimes myself to be honest ask myself why certain things happen.. I think to any person, the question WHY WHY WHY this and that is common at one point in time. However, that will always happen no matter whether you are rich or poor or ….. what ever.

Every Day Answers
But I assure you, the main solution to this is HOW YOU RESPOND TO THIS Responding the situation with a lot of Hope and God’s way of thinking will always get you out of that.

Anyways, just check out this and you will find good ways of solving some of these daily questions by Joyce Meyer.

Are you, or someone you know, going through a difficult time? Has a crisis come your way that threatens to overwhelm you? Could you use some help? Everyday Answers provides wisdom from God’s Word to help deal with life’s difficult issues.

Choose to watch a video from Joyce, read related articles, send a prayer request, and more. Simply click on the options listed below the images that you are interested in.

OooossshhhHHH!! I have lost the website URL which is the core of this post. Anywayz, you can find these Answers at Joyce Meyer Ministries website at http://www.joycemeyer.org/OurMinistries/EverydayAnswers/

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