Do you ever pray and how often?

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I know some of you might have received this BUT when I received this in my email from a friend. If a dog has time to pray what is wrong with us? I was quite amused and several questions came to my mind.

  • Do you pray?
  • How often do you pray?
  • If yes, do you just pray in order to ask stuff from God or …?

PrayerFor true Christians, prayer is not just about asking stuff from God. Through prayer and fasting, we actually develop a very great relationship with God and this relationship depends on entirely Prayer. Prayer is about talking and communicating to God. Through prayer, we worship, confess, give thanks, praise God etc.

Prayer isnt about repeating sentences, words or something of the sort. It is like having a father or friend BUT every time, you go to him/her, you say the same words OR when you need something, then you’ve got to say this and that. Thats not prayer, how can your relationship grow with God when you just do that.

You need to pray to glorify God, to show that you really love Him, you depend on Him, for Him to protect you, for Him to help you resist temptations etc.

Come on!! You surely need to take Your Belief in God to another level. I’ve heard some many people who don’t even believe in prayer and then when others get miracles, they complain how come this didn’t happen to me. What do you expect? God sometimes puts you into situations so that you can turn to Him BUT most people think that then they are forgotten.

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