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Mtandao Afrika Star Award 2006Welcome to my little corner in the internet, Matrich which is a combination of my name(s). I am Matovu Richard, a Ugandan Christian Software Engineer who notably speaks several languages either to computers or humans depending on his mood.

Over the years, I have been exposed to lots of technologies and I utilize my knowledge to help organizations realize their objectives through technologies. I spend loads of my time either in front of my laptop cooking up something out of nothing, praising the Almighty God or walking the talk of what I believe in.

I hope you will enjoy your time over here as you discover what I am, what I am up to or even what I can help you achieve. In case you have not, please subscribe to my RSS.

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Using Parent Page Template For Sub Pages

WordPress has a great feature of Page Templates which enable certain pages to use a different template other than the default page.php template. Sometimes you might require to structure certain content in to pages and sub pages and would like the sub pages to use the parent page’s template. In order to achieve this, you […]

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Celebrating CSS Naked Day 2010

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Goosh!! I completely forgot about the CSS Naked Day and when I checked on my website, I realized that there was something wrong. I automatically remembered about being CSS naked and automatically googled to check if it was the day. Thankfully it was the D-day and thanks to the function I added to my site […]

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